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All the maps you need to discover the world on foot, cycling, horse riding, or by car, motorbike or quad bike. Comprehensive and highly accurate coverage of the Blue Planet.

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SityTrail is the leading mobile application for all your hikes and outdoor activities. Discover thousands of routes in your area and enjoy the IGN France, IGN Belgium, Swisstopo and Kadaster topographic maps on your smartphone or tablet

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With our online editor, create your own walking projects using an internet navigator on your PC/MAC and then accessing them directly from your mobile to experience them on the ground.

Create splendid A4/A3 maps prints, PDF files or roadbooks from our web-based trail editor.

Go further. Transform your favourite walks into real multimedia guides with text, photos, video links, and share them with the SityTrail community.



Sign up here for your free SityTrail account. SityTrail allows you to create trails anywhere in the world and export them to various GPS devices. You can share your favourites SityGuides with your friends free of charge or print a map or road book with Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps .
And that's not all. You can also enjoy a week's free access to topographical maps IGN from a number of countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands,... on your PC or your smartphone or tablet. We hope you have fun exploring with SityTrail and its community which is several thousand members strong.



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We would like to invite you to discover thousands trails all over Europe, and also near your home or the place of your holidays.

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BeCarto14-18 is an app developed by the Belgian National Geographic Institute (NGI) and the private company Geolives for the commemoration of WW1.

New: Hundreds of cycling or walking trails in Flanders and also in the Netherlands

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 France - ALSACE

Les deux sucs

13,47 km.

 France - AUVERGNE

Saint-Romain-de-Lerps 28 04 2017

32,60 km.



6,80 km.


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