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SityTrail everywhere in the world for free


Enjoy this special offer!

The SityTrail World application is completely free for any one-year subscription to another SityTrail application purchased before 30th June 2015. 

Enjoy this special offer by purchasing now a one-year subscription to one of these applications : 

  • SityTrail France 
  • SityTrail Belgique
  • SityTrail Spain
  • SityTrail Netherlands
  • SityTrail Switzerland

How to do it ? 

Simply purchase a one-year subscription on our web store  

You will receive an activation code by e-mail for your free SityTrail World subscription maximum 5 working days after your purchase.


Do you already have an active one-year subscription to one of these applications ? 

No problem! You will also receive an activation code in a few days. You can activate this code on your account or give it to one of your friends.


Don't hesitate to share this offer around you or to leave a comment below.

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