Domain of the Caves of Han


The little village of Han-sur-Lesse, at the gateway to the Ardennes and one hour by road from Brussels, is home to one of the most famous caves on our continent, the Cave of Han. The Cave of Han is exceptional in terms of the beauty of its concretions and the immensity of its chambers and fashioned by the river Lesse that flows through it from one side to the other. It has welcomed more than 20 million visitors for over 250 years. It well deserves its three stars in the Michelin Green Guide.
On the hill that overhangs the Cave and in the valley abandoned by the Lesse extends a 250-hectare park of unspoilt nature that accommodates the Wildlife Reserve, where you can contemplate the fauna of our regions in their natural environment.

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Domain of the Caves of Han can be discovered in the following trails...
Pays de Famenne à vélo

Randonnées du Pays de Famenne à vélo

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