Landscapes - The orchid fields


Along the way, notice the lovely pastoral scenery and the village of Hour in the distance to your right.

Not far from here is a vast grassland where thousands of Orchis morio (or green-winged orchid) grow. The grassland was recently granted the status of a nature reserve. It represents one of the last important sites in Wallonia for this wild orchid. Besides these precious orchid-filled grasslands, the scenery south of Hour is home to exceptional flora and impressive populations of various insect varieties. The hedges and the thorn bush-covered massifs host many bird species, often in great numbers.

Please keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to pick plants and flowers during your walk, all the more when it comes to endangered species.

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Landscapes - The orchid fields can be discovered in the following trails...
Maison du Tourisme Famenne - Ardenne Ourthe & Lesse

Randonnées de la Maison du Tourisme Famenne - Ardenne Ourthe & Lesse

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