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On your left, you can spot the Castle of Resteigne, a robust 18th century construction extended by a farm. The main building and the coach tower in the listed façade, both date from the late 11th century. The castle and verdant gardens stretch out from village houses built alongside the river and the bridge, up to the watermill. During the 12th century, the castle belonged to the Loraine family, then during the 15th century, to the Berlo family, Lords of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, then to the Mérodes family in the 16th century. In 1627, the baron of Rouveroy, Lord of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, occupied the castle and added the wings and the west facade that looks out over the gardens. He sold the property to the Hoffschmidt barons in 1668.

Legend has it that Edmond d’Hoffschmidt, son of the Resteigne Lord of the manor, served as an officer in the Napoleonic army. Afterwards, disheartened and disgusted by the social inequities of the time and suffering from unrequited love, he decided to live a life of retreat. His humble abode was made out of uncut stones, topped by a thatch roof and had a central chimney and side windows.

After his father’s death, when he realized that his isolation had merely separated him from wealth and comfort, without bringing him closer to the poor, he came back to the castle and finally took on his role as Lord of the manor. The Baron d’Hoffschmidt was a true man of the people; he gave farming advice to the villagers and brought a doctor and a school teacher to Resteigne. He even had a village school built and, the dilapidated houses repaired with his own money

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