Royal Farm of Villers


This superb 18th century royal farm has walls in half-timber work.
The gable is marked with the date, and a 16th century stele ensconced in the wall represents two well-known biblical characters: Moses and Aaron, holding the tablets of Law. This magnificent farm also belongs to the Royal Donation. A noteworthy fact is that more than half of the grounds in Villers-sur-Lesse belong to the Royal Donation. The grounds and buildings that belong to the Royal Donation are the property of the Belgian State which is not allowed to sell them all or in part.

You can clearly distinguish the two wings and the castle courtyard, both of which date back to medieval times, and were sold to the crown in the year 1892 by the Lords of Cunchy. From 1930 to 1934, the right wing was home to Prince Léopold II and Princess Astrid. After 1933, the left wing, which once used to house the outbuildings, coaches, cars and horses, was used as the office of the Royal Trust’s administrator. Nowadays, it remains unoccupied, although the administrator sometimes organizes public auctions of the Royale Trust’s forestry.

Je ziet de twee vleugels en de binnenkoer van het middeleeuwse kasteel. Dat werd in 1892 door de heren van Cunchy aan de Kroon verkocht. Van 1930 tot 1934 logeerden Prins Leopold III en prinses Astrid in de rechtervleugel. In de andere vleugel werden gemeenschappelijke ruimtes, wagens en paarden ondergebracht en in 1933 ook het kantoor van de rentmeester van de Koninklijke Schenking. Momenteel woont er niemand in het kasteel, maar de bestuurder organiseert soms wel openbare verkopen van bosproducten uit de Koninklijke Schenking.

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Royal Farm of Villers can be discovered in the following trails...
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Randonnées de la Maison du Tourisme Famenne - Ardenne Ourthe & Lesse

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