Saint Odile Chapel - Hamerenne


The lovely little Saint Odile Chapel is tucked away behind a small farm building (we recommend you leave you car there and continue on foot, as the path can get quite muddy).
This Romanesque chapel, listed in 1946, is very ancient sanctuary that was dedicated to Saint-Remi until the early 18th century. Since 1715, Saint Odile is invoked here to cure eye diseases. A pilgrimage takes place here every year, the weak following the feast of Saint Odile. This sanctuary – that is 15m long and 5m wide - is composed out of a single nave illuminated by 6 narrow arch windows and closed at the rear by semicircular apse. The left side wall bears three arch windows, two of which are set within a larger arch (this is characteristic of Romanesque style architecture).
The choir is decorated with fresco’s dating from 1654, and the chapel boasts a Gothic statue of Saint Remi in polychrome wood as well as a statue of the eponymous Saint Odile.

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Saint Odile Chapel - Hamerenne can be discovered in the following trails...
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