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How to record a trail ? 

1)     Go to the " Map" screen. 

2)     Click on your geolocation by pressing the GPS icon 

3)     In the area at the bottom of your screen, move your finger on the " REC" tab (Trail record). 

4)     Once you're ready to start, tap the " Red button with white point". 

5)     You have gone to record your trail and take beautiful pictures !

6)     You can access all the values on the " Bike/Ride Meter" screen by simply pulling the " REC" box up. 

Important notes:

In the bottom of your screen, it is possible to switch from one information area to another by scrolling your finger on the bottom of the screen (from right to left).

Note that there are 4 information area :   TRAIL (hiking trail),  GPS (gps values),  REC (trail record),  ALT (altimetric profile). 

Trick  : when you are in the TRAIL hike tracking screen, you can immediately go to the 4th ALT information area bu sliding the screen with your finger, not to the left, but to the right.   
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