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How to download offline maps ?

1)     Open the main menu via this icon : 

2)     Select the " Download maps" tab. From there, all your downloaded areas are listed.

3)     If you want to download a new zone, tap the icon   at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen .

4)     Then select the map types you want for the download.

5)     To continue the download, press " Next" and select the download area.

6)     To do this, you can search for a specific place by clicking on the magnifying glass 

7)     Then you can choose a download radius by pressing " Select area".

8)     If you want a more precise map, you need to check the box " More accurate maps" (Note : this option is not always available. It depends on the type of maps).

9)     Make sure to press the " Validate" tab and enter a name for the downloaded area.
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