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Ardennes étape

With over 2,000 accommodations under its belt, Ardennes-étape is the specialist in vacations in the Belgian Ardennes. Most of its accommodations are perfectly suitable for large groups.


With your booking, you will automatically receive a month of Premium access to SityTrail, which will allow you to discover many hikes near your holiday home.


Ardennes étape is part of the Awaze group (, which offers no less than 90,000 accommodations primarily in Europe.



Founded over 70 years ago, Hoseasons offers more than 29,400 iconic places to stay, ranging from luxurious log cabins to holiday parks and boats.



Eat, swim, explore and discover more than 50,000 villas, cottages, and apartments in some of the best places in 19 countries across Europe.

From coastal retreats to country castles, offers over 23,000 welcoming places to stay across the UK.


James Villa Holidays

With 3,000 carefully selected villas with pools in 60 destinations, from the best regions of the Mediterranean to exciting getaways in Florida.

GR sentiers en Wallonie

GR trails in Wallonia : The catalog of hikes from the GR trails is more than 500 Loop Hikes in Wallonia / Belgium.


Family Hikes or from Station to Station and also a network of more than 5,000 km of GR trails marked on the ground!


Discover this unique catalog for only €19.99 to hike with pleasure all year round. 


Sentiers de Grande Randonnée asbl – Rue Nanon, 98 – 5000 Namur - tel +32 81 390 615

Gr sentiers RB
Gr sentiers RB famille
Gr Sentiers Gare à Gare
Betrail Geolives SityTrail

Every week since 2016, the Betrail team encodes the results of the trails from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.


The Betrail algorithm calculates a performance for each result, generally between 20 and 100, which allows you to easily track your progress and compare yourself to other runners!


Betrail offers various rankings. The first, the Betrail level, measures the intrinsic level of each trail runner at their best. The challenges reward runners over a calendar year: Trail/Ultra challenges aim for pure performance and Trailcup/Ultracup for consistency (the faster and more often you run, the more points you score).


Betrail also allows you to measure the difficulty of races, their intensity, the level of participants, to simulate your future race times, to explore the approved courses, and more…


SityTrail offers in partnership with Betrail a realistic 3D viewer of races with high-quality aerial photos. In addition, SityTrail allows you to easily use the GPX of the races available at Betrail in its GPS application for smartphones. This with topographic maps and accurate management of altitudes and elevation changes !

Les Scouts de Belgiques - SityTrail - Geolives

The Scout Federation in Belgium has 403 units that have chosen to come together around a common vision and ideal. Thanks to an original educational system, defined by three markers (educational ambition, method, and values), the leaders develop all aspects of the Scouts' personality.


SityTrail was present for the Scout Nights!


Indeed, on February 22, 2022, on the occasion of the international day of scouting and guiding, a scout night is organized in all corners of Wallonia. 22.02.2022 is a special date since it can be read in both directions.


The Scouts organize this event to thank their volunteers for their time. On the program for this evening, a night walk in small groups guided by an application: SityTrail. It is an opportunity for participants to discover the backstage of world and federal scouting with anecdotes, discussions, and challenges. 

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