Discover all the features of the new version of SityTrail

Discover the new version of SityTrail which will be released on 6th May 2019

Published on 4/24/19

New SityTrail mobile application

  • New design compliant with Google « material design » and Apple interface standards.

  • All topographic maps are available in the same application.

  • New map engine which is easier to use. 

  • New panel at the bottom of the map which allows access by side-scrolling to the main features : trails following, GPS, recording, elevation profile.

  • Take photos in very high quality (4K) while recording a trail.

  • New tracking and guiding features in order to follow a downloaded track:
    - Large arrow which displays the direction to follow. 
    - Voice guidances with vocal instructions at intersections.
    - Ask for voice guidance by shaking your smartphone.
    - Your location is displayed in real time on the elevation profile.
    - You can use the compass to orient yourself in the right direction when you are idle: simple and efficient!

  • New engine to download maps areas. You can start several downloads in the background in only one operation.

  • The application keeps the downloaded maps areas in a list. You can easily update an area or delete it without any need to delete all maps anymore.

  • Elevation data is new downloaded automatically (Digital Terrain Model has now an accuracy of 30 m).

  • Access newsfeed, trails catalog, communities, map screen, your account.

  • New search engine which allows searching by keywords.

New SityTrail website

  • New and more attractive design.

  • A newsfeed is available from the home page. It gives general information and targeted information based on your usage, your interests, your location and your communities.

  • New presentation of trail information with a summary view and a detailed view. 

  • New feature to access the catalog of trails and points of interest with map search.
    You can easily discover and select your next outdoor activities, sort / filter by categories / activity types, distance, duration, difficulty, date or alphabetic order.
  • A new elevation profile has been developed, with colors based on slopes.
    This profile is available in the map view of the trail and can also be printed.
    Very useful feature for mountain bike, hiking, ...
  • Several types have of outdoor activities have been added and are displayed by categories : on foot, cycle, equestrian, motor, nautical, aerial, winter sports. 55 activities with new attractive icons.

  • The same trail can be used for several activity types.
  • Add trails to your list of public / private favorites and create lists with a custom name in order to prepare and organize your trails. Your favorites and lists are automatically synchronized with the mobile application.

  • Crate communities in order to publish trails as a tourist office, a club, an association, an owner of accommodations, ... in a specific page.
    Join communities depending on your interests, your location, ... Share trails and points of interest with your communities.

  • New search engine which allows to find a trail, a user, a point of interest or a community by keywords.
  • New trails editor with new features: delete points in an area, display several trails, cut and merge trails, change display settings for trails (color, opacity, ...).

  • Import GPX files by « drag and drop » to the window of the trails editor.

  • New improved print module, which can be called from the trails editor or the detailed view of the trail.
    More settings are taken into account for printing (color, opacity, ...)

  • The same point of interest can now be used on several trails (without any need to copy the content anymore).
  • Log in securely (HTTPS) with the same account (Sity account) for all Geolives applications.  

Enjoy your next outdoor activities with SityTrail! :-)

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