Your advertisements in the SityTrail 3D viewer

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Published on 10/10/23 - Most recently updated on 10/10/23

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Your advertisements in the SityTrail 3D viewer

Your advertisement in the SityTrail application for 3D visualization of races

If you wish your advertisement to appear at the bottom of the page in our SityTrail 3D visualization application for all trails featured on the website, here are all the details.


Your advertisement will be displayed in a rotating carousel with a maximum of 7 images, changing every 10 seconds.


The advertisement should be an image with a standard size of 728x90 pixels.


For a duration of one month: 500 euros excluding VAT

For a duration of three months: 1000 euros excluding VAT

For a duration of one year: 3000 euros excluding VAT


For more information, please send us an email at the following address:


The sales department will contact you to define the practical arrangements as well as information on the number of views and statistics provided by Google Analytics.


Discover all sports races in a stunning 3D visualization application. Explanations are available through this tutorial video.  😎👍 


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