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Your Essential Companion for Memorable Winter Holidays

Published on 1/16/24 - Most recently updated on 1/16/24

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SityTrail Winter

Your Essential Companion for Memorable Winter Holidays


As winter 2024 wraps landscapes in a shimmering white blanket, winter sports enthusiasts and snowy hikers are gearing up for new adventures. Fortunately, SityTrail is here to enhance your winter experience, whether you're an experienced skier, a cross-country skiing enthusiast, or a hiker in search of snowy landscapes.


Discover Ski Slopes with SityTrail World and Full Premium


With SityTrail World and SityTrail Full Premium, access a comprehensive catalog of Europe's ski slopes. Each slope is clearly identified with its name, and the level of difficulty is indicated by an intuitive color code. Whether you're looking for green slopes for beginners or black ones for experts, SityTrail guides you to your ideal destination.


Explore Cross-Country Skiing Trails


Cross-country skiing fans are not forgotten. SityTrail covers regions like the Vosges, the Jura, and even the thousands of trails in Norway. Prepare to glide on impeccable trails, while enjoying breathtaking winter landscapes.


Snowshoe Hiking Trails


Thanks to contributions from our members, SityTrail offers hundreds of snowshoe hiking trails. Various routes await you, offering beautiful views and unique experiences in nature.


Safety and Comfort with SityTrail


Safety is paramount, especially in the mountains. SityTrail displays a slope map, allowing users to identify potentially dangerous areas. Moreover, each hike is accompanied by a precise altimetric profile, essential for planning your outings.


GPS Position Sharing and SOS Function


Innovative in the field of safety, SityTrail offers a real-time GPS position sharing feature, ideal for staying connected with your loved ones. In case of emergency, sending an SOS via SMS ensures effective communication, even in areas with limited mobile internet coverage.


SityTrail, always by your side in all seasons !

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