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The Lesse floods the village of Lessive on a regular basis, and this is probably why the villagers were given the nickname Tchabots; a chabot is a small, flat headed and black coloured fish that measures 12 to 15cm (4.7 to 5.9 inches)….
The villagers of Lessive are excellent fishermen, but also manage to excel at stilt walking. A long time ago, every villager, from a very young age on, had to be able to walk on stilts.
Stilts were not only indispensable during the frequent floods, but were also used to ford the stream with the livestock that went to graze in pastures beyond the rivers. The tradition is perpetuated by the Lessive folk group called Les Skassis (Walloon for stilts).
The members of this association founded in 1950 wear blue smocks and don a cap during their public outings.

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