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Loop Hikes

It is not always easy to organize a one or multi-day hike following the route of a GR® trail. You need two cars (one at each end of the route) or the possibility to return to the starting point by bus or train. This last solution naturally limits the choice of the GR® trail and the region where one wants to hike. Hence the idea of creating day-long hiking guidebooks for loop hikes (RB®).

Fifteen or thirty-two loop walks have been developed in each Walloon province and 12 in the Brussels region and its outskirts. The itineraries take place on both sections marked with the well-known white and red markers and on non-marked paths, but accurately described. We have designed hikes of about twenty kilometers and more, most of which, however, offer possibilities for shortcuts.

Also worth mentioning is the guidebook for loop hikes in the nine Nature Parks of Wallonia.

Loop Hikes and Family Hikes

To reach a broader audience and introduce them to hiking, the principle of RB® has been applied to a new concept: the "Family Hiking Guidebooks," dedicated to the provinces of Liège, Namur, and Luxembourg. Each guidebook includes three parts: - the detailed description of 15 hikes of about twelve kilometers, partly taking place on GR® sections and partly on "non-GR®" sections;

These hikes stimulate young hikers' interest in the beauty and curiosities of nature encountered throughout the itineraries; - each hike ends near a cultural or recreational center, allowing families to discover the richness of Walloon cultural heritage or simply relax after the effort.

Station-to-Station Hikes

How about a hike between SNCB stops and train stations? An advantageous way to follow GR or GRP routes online.

New 100% green itineraries have been selected, covering an average of about twenty kilometers to travel at your own pace, depending on your fitness or mood, alone, with family, or friends.

They will take you on a journey to discover the heritage of Wallonia, the richness of its landscapes, its fauna and flora, its history, its architecture, its terroir, and its inhabitants.

New for 2023!

With this GR Rando subscription, you can now view the entire GR network in Wallonia via a mobile connection. To do this, add the additional GR Rando layer via the "Map Selection" menu of SityTrail and the "Additional Layer" tab. 😎 See the images below:

Réseau GR Rando de Wallonie
Réseau GR Rando de Wallonie
Réseau GR Rando de Wallonie
Réseau GR Rando de Wallonie

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