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If you use your Facebook, Google or Apple account to log in to your SityTrail / Geolives account, il you may have received a warning from Google which indicates that your Geolives / SityTrail account has been compromised, with the username fb_login, gg_login, or ap_login.

This message is a false alarm. No user data / account has been leaked on our servers.
The safety of your SityTrail account is ensured.

However, if you want to change the password of your SityTrail account, you can do it here :
If you don’t know the password of your account anymore, you can choose “Forgotten password”. You will receive a link to reset your password by e-mail.

If you are currently experiencing problems with recording (straight lines, etc.) or following trails with your Android device, please visit this page: My trail does not record properly in background or screen off mode

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Note that our support team will not reply to questions where the answer can already be found in the manual or FAQ.
We do not provide telephone support.

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