Online help for the mobile app

How to use the trail apps on Android and iOS (Apple iPhone)

If you are currently experiencing problems with recording (straight lines, etc.) or following trails with your Android device, please visit this page: My trail does not record properly in background or screen off mode

Video tutorials

How to record a trail:

How to follow a trail:

Installation and sign up

Freemium and Premium

Presentation of the map screen and GPS

Recording a trail

Video tutorial - How to record a trail:

Following a trail

Video tutorial - How to follow a trail:

Managing my account

Discovering the Premium trails catalogue

Import / export trails

Points of interest

Topographical maps

Download maps

Presentation of other main menu functions

Presentation of parameters and settings

Connected watches

Online help for the connected watches app

If you cannot find the answer to your problem, please visit the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page

Updated on: 21/05/2024 11:39
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